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 Hai, Hello, Sawadika. So say hello to falsetto :).Only God knows how i been before.
He the one who only stay with me. He the one that make me smile while cry. But there always my bff with me whenever i sad or happy. Glad to have friends like them. I love them. MuahMuah! But there sad and happy in life. No matter what, i would facing it all ;)  Family, friendship, studies and LOVE! As usual, my heart still own by Ramses Chin. Dont believe it? HAHA. Take it or leave it. Easy right? naaahh~  well. Its really hard to forget someone that shared many memories with me. Ive rejected many guys this year. Just because i still love Ramses and still wait for him. Unfortunately, he loved my own friend. Its hurt me damnly so much. And for your information Ramses, ive prayed for you everyday just to ask from God to shine your day, make you happy and hoping that you will come back to me. I hope God will answer my prayer. I was not expecting that you will be mine again but at least, i want to see you happy without me. Rc, i miss your smile and your stupid face. Seriously! But you already have a girlfie right ? Its okay. May God bless your relationship with your lovely one :') as long as you are happy, im willing to be a single girl. Goodbye. GBU :')

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